Inter Uterum Et Loculum

by Locus Mortis

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Locus Mortis' concept is deeply rooted to the ancient vision of death as it was during medieval times, an everlasting companion in the concrete and spiritual life, not only a mere frightening spectre, but a bringer of wisdom, that reminds in every moment the destiny of wretched human life, a queen of what was and has been, and what's not dead yet. The band arises between years 2004/2005 as a parallel project of the band Urna. The first release was a demotape titled "Sol Orierit In Loco Mortis" composed by four tracks of fast black metal with a gloomy and eerie atmosphere. These songs few time later reappeared re-edited and remixed with other unedited songs to complete the first full-lenght album of the band called "Inter Uterum et Loculum" (now sold-out), the first ufficial released for ATMF label. On the same year of "Inter Uterum et Loculum" the band released another demo-cd titled "Lasciate Che Vengano a Me " including three new songs and the cover of "The Eggs of Melancholy" originally composed by the hystorical french band Mutiilation and covered by Locus Mortis as a tribute to the Black Metal Old School roots of the group's members. The last work of the band dated on 2007 is titled "Voust" and contains the three tracks from the previous Ep combined with new un-edited material. The drummer PV-1 joined the line-up to record the drum sessions on "Voust" leading the band sound to a more evolved dimension but still remaining fierce and ancestral as ever. Voust has to be considered the highest achievement of Locus Mortis expression and a starting point to develope the future releases of the band. On may/june 2011 the band has scheduled the reissue of their debut album "Inter Uterum et Loculum" for the label ATMF. All the songs has been totally re-recorded and re-arranged with a new production and with the new entry in the line-up of the drummer Atum.


released September 22, 2005

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